AutoCAD 2019 New Features – Part 1: Overview

AutoCAD 2019 New Features – Part 1: Overview

When you install AutoCAD 2019 and start working with it, you will notice a clear difference to the user interface. If you go up to the Draw panel or the Modify panel on the Home tab, you will notice that the icons have slightly different colors and shapes. For example, the Offset icon in this version look a little bit different to the Offset icon in the previous versions.

On the Quick Access toolbar, there are new icons too. They are used for opening and saving drawing files via the AutoCAD web-based and mobile-based versions.

Also, if you go over along the tabs at the top of the ribbon, you will notice a new Collaborate tab and you will see that it has the Shared Views and the Drawing Compare commands.

In the coming posts, we will explain how to use all these new features in detail.

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