AutoCAD 2019 New Features – Part 3: Shared Views

AutoCAD 2019 New Features – Part 3: Shared Views

We are now going to look at Shared Views, but you have to log into your Autodesk account first.

You can see the Shared Views command in the Share panel at the beginning of the Collaborate tab.

When you click on “Shared Views”, it opens up the Shared Views palette. Click on “New Shared View” so that the Share View dialogue box opens up.

In the Share View dialogue box, you will see the name of the file that you will share online. It is editable, so you are allowed to change it if you want. You can choose either to share the current view only, or the model view and all the layout views. You also have options for sharing the object properties and 2D views only.

After you click on “Share”, a message says “Processing Ready to Start” may appear. If so, click on “Proceed”.

After that, your views will be uploaded to Autodesk Viewer in order to be seen via a web browser.

Now, your drawing is online and ready for further manipulation.

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